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Keep calm and Art on /Don't be alone!

With the current concerns of covid-19 I am endeavoring to find ways to keep our art shop supplies and classroom available to you in the case of self isolation.

Currently business is as usual, classes are on and the shop is open.

We usually only have small numbers of shoppers at any time and our class sizes are limited but with plenty of space to spread out.

We have increased our cleaning regime but I would advise students to bring along your own mug, hand sanitiser (if you can get some) hand towel. The advice to everyone is to please consider not attending if you have been in any way direct or indirect contact with the virus for the advised two week period.

Normally coming into winter cough and cold season I would suggest if you are not feeling well not to attend class until you are feeling better.

SO here are a couple of suggestions for you if you are unsure of contact with others.

Purchase of materials is possible by calling or emailing , pay over the phone or eft.

Please feel welcome to call or email and we can shop for you , help you with some personal service to select what you need and arrange pickup or delivery ( some charges may apply) Refunds, returns, exchanges are not available on purchases .


Keep your art going! If you cant make it to class we will keep it happening.

Being creative ,your artistic well being and the enjoyment our art classes are important so if you are currently enrolled in classes we could keep in touch and continue via phone,the internet, thru zoom or skype we can have our class meetings to keep you in touch with the group , I don't want anyone to miss the lessons we all enjoy as well as to continue learning and creating.

ZOOM ... I will try to create some sort of login for class get together and lessons group or individual , create some at home sessions or a program that will have materials included that can be supplied if you don't have them on hand.

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