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Claywork Art Party


Another fun option for your child's party.

This is especially suitable for smaller groups, ages 6years & over


Clay  modelling is always an enjoyable and popular activity for our holiday workshops so we now have this available for parties.


The children will have the opportunity to make their own objects but will be given guidance and instruction to make a small pot and an animal sculpture( your child can select this echidna, frog,rabbit etc)


The works can be made of airdry clay to take home on the day or in pottery clay to be fired but these will need drying and firing time and so pick up of these items can take up to a month.


We suggest the ages of 8 and over are most suitable for this party.


Time needed 1-1.5 hours(byo cake, drinks if you wish)

Cost : $35 per child min charge for 8



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